Hey there! I'm Sarah, the gal behind Juniper Mesa Designs. I have two shop pups named Juniper and Mesa, and their names are odes to my love of the Southwest. All of the jewelry you see is handmade in my studio in Solana Beach, California, but my work is inspired by my time living in and traveling around the beautiful landscapes of the West.


I'm currently on a little hiatus from my day job as a primary care nurse practitioner and finally had some time to enroll in a silversmithing course at Ghost Ranch in the stunning, painted desert of New Mexico. I've found that I thoroughly enjoy the meditative, yet physical nature of silversmithing and creating jewelry is truly a labor of love. Each piece represents hours of work and carries life lessons and a tiny sliver of my heart. No two pieces are identical and all will contain imperfections that you'll hopefully embrace as part of the rustic charm. My hope is to create timeless pieces that, when worn, will conjure the spirit of the West.